The Conscious Renegade

Brand Story

It’s no secret that the world is often working against us, stacking obstacles to hinder our pursuit of freedom and happiness.

The Conscious Renegade was founded by George Papp, who desperately wanted to break down the obstacles blocking his path. He spent his early career in investment banking at various multinational investment banks and learned firsthand how corrupt the current financial system is.

In an effort to reclaim his autonomy, he began seeking alternative solutions. Eventually, he stumbled upon cryptocurrency in 2019 and was pleased to discover that maybe there is hope after all. He resigned from the nine-to-five life and lives partly off of the grid, working towards complete sustainability. The best part? He’s never been happier.

We want to show you how you can achieve the same sense of fulfillment. Here, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge, advice, and defiance. We aim to fortify our audience to forge their own path, rather than blindly follow the one faceless strangers have pushed you towards.

About Us

The Conscious Renegade is an independent media organization striving to educate, engage, and empower you to be the change you want to see in the world. Whether you want to quit your nine-to-five, find financial freedom, or make a positive difference in society.

We cover a large variety of topics, such as economics, health, arts, and spirituality, so you will likely find a niche that piques your interest. We host interviews with leading experts in various industries to share their knowledge, strategies, and practical solutions to help you find an exit in the current system.

We also offer memberships and one-on-one consulting sessions, where we engage in meaningful conversations about your concerns and circumstances. Here, we’ll develop a thorough approach to help you lead the life of your dreams in the world of your dreams.

Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” We aim to shatter such delusions of security and community.
Our mission is to prove that “going with the flow” or “going along with the program” is not always the best answer. Instead, we’re throwing out the program and finding our own flow – one that best suits our needs and desires.

Value Statement:

We value the power of knowledge, believing that the more we know about the harmful inner workings of current systems, the better possibility we have to see meaningful changes occur.

George Papp