Highway to Health with Naturopathy and Fruitarianism: Dr Robert Morse

Learn about a few personal details from Dr Morse as well as about his fruitarian diet and how he was able to start the regeneration of body tissue. Morse first dispels the myths of raw fruitarian and vegan diets and sheds light on the confusion of high protein diets which cause acidity in the body. We learn about juice fasting and the nuances of different juices that can be used as well as his belief that clear pee is not healthy. We delve into the fallacy of germ theory and the ignorance of medical practice when it comes to body function and the importance of the lymphatic system which is still the most misunderstood system in the body today. Morse shows us that foods can be broken down into alkali and acidic food types – alkali foods are electrical and hydrating while acidic foods steal your energy and acidify your body. Finally, Morse gives us some practical first steps for trying a fruitarian diet and bodybuilding with the right type of building block, amino acids from fruits and vegetables.

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