Interview with Dr Robert Morse: Highway to Health with Naturopathy and Fruitarianism

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Hi, welcome to the Conscious Renegade Podcast with me George Papp, helping you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Today, we’re joined by Dr. Robert Morse, who is a board certified and accredited naturopathic physician, a biochemist and herbalist. He is the founder of a naturopathic clinic, a herb pharmacy, and a school of detoxification, we’ll be discussing alternative health to live a healthier and ultimately have happier life. Also, on our side for strategies to preserve and grow your wealth ahead of the Great Reset and increase your privacy, music, crypto animus, our basic subscription is as little as $10 per month. So, you know, that is very little really in regards to inflation currently. So, you know, a lot of information comes out of there. We have newsletters, live webinars with our experts, trade calls and current investments that we’re looking at. So please check that out. And yeah, just avoid getting destroyed by the coming economic collapse. So Rob, thanks for joining. How’s it going?

Robert M 1:31
Oh, superb, busy, crazy, you know, just that the world at large, just like you said, survival, helping people to survive in their health issues, but also their spiritual issues.

George Papp 1:44
Yeah, and I think health is a massive topic for the last couple years. So this is obviously quite relevant. And a lot of people would want to hear your thoughts on not really the problem, but solutions on on how to be healthier, and to raise that vibration like you you’re into, as well. So it’ll be interesting to get your thoughts on that. So I guess let’s go straight in. I think the first thing we want to sort of talk about is your story, because how did you even get into this space that everyone who’s in this space has an interesting story to tell? I’m sure. So yeah, just go through your guess how you got to where you are now?

Robert M 2:25
Well, I was a young lad. 20 years old, I was building my first house, I wanted to build a house by myself by hand. And so at that time, I was just I’ve always been interested in the lone state, not realizing what that meant. I’ve always interested in that, which is the unknown, right. And so I would always push myself and hikes and things to go deep into forests and stuff like that. So I decided to let it all go and go out to live in the woods. That’s what I did. I lived in the woods in a both wagon van and just ate fruit. I got some books from friends about raw foods and took off from there. The same time someone threw down and f1 car book touches book on I think, either in my soul and free or the Tigers thing. I think it was a tiger spirit. It was a description of all the god worlds, you know, how that how this level of creations put together? And I’m thinking, man, absolutely. You know, if you have to leave your body when you die, why can’t you leave your body before that? I mean, why what’s keeping you into the body, of course, you’re not the body. And so that’s started a journey about out of body travels. And you know, a lot of years of traveling and teaching how to have out of body travel. And suddenly, this voice came into my beingness out of nowhere, said, Who’s the traveler, my friend, who’s the traveler? And so that started me on the journey of awakening, I got a hold of Jai Krishna Murthy stuff, which is a excellent author and teaching you how to stop thinking, you know, the whole thing is the mind the mind obviously creates creation. It is the split of duality, from consciousness to duality. You have to understand that and how the mind works. And then it’s simply a computer. And if you live in your mind, you’re living from thought to thought to thought. And that is an extremely restricted lifestyle, because you can’t see anything around you. And in you. So wakening up is vital. For those that are ready for that for others.

George Papp 4:42
They’re gonna keep spinning. Keep spinning until the next time

Robert M 4:45
yeah, well, you know what, we create everything, everything in your life, you create yourself. You realize it or not, somewhere along your journey in creation, you created this and you’re now experiencing it. So like Buddha said, like go, who cares anymore? Sit under the tree for 20 years ago, you know, when I’m done sitting under a tree for 20 years. So it’s just, it’s just the process of wakening up. But that process is a mind you have to learn that thoughts are just your activity in creation.

George Papp 5:17
Yeah, and I had that same experience, going into going into the forests or going for walks into nature, it kind of allows you to switch off your mind. Just to take in the scenery, right. And I think that’s a massive, massive thing that someone can include in their lives, to actually just spend an hour or even half an hour just going into the into nature at some point in your day. Because being constantly online or constantly on in the city, even if you’re in the city, there are parks, I know, it’s not as easy, but there are options. And yeah, definitely take advantage of that. Because I know that changed everything for me. And I’m sure and and also you. So yeah, so I guess let’s move to health. And obviously, I’ve been following your YouTube channel, what foods what foods? Do you sort of promote for health? What sort of diets I guess we don’t need to call it diet, but what sort of foods do you promote? And I guess why, as well, why are they promoted? And What effects do the other options, let’s say, effect, if you’re doing intake,

Robert M 6:30
you know, back in the back when I got started on raw foods, I got a hold of the natural hygienic material, Herbert Shelton and all that. And there was a fasting clinic Shelton Bassick clinic just about 30 miles away from me. So I would go there in a nature path granted, of course, and there you fasted for however long it took to change the coating on your tongue, so to speak. So there was a lot into the raw foods, but then there was one or two outstanding Authors about fruitarianism. And I just suck that right up because we are frugivores as a Homo Sapien. So when I came doctorate, and all that started going down the road writing books and things and I brought in the comparative difference of the four basic vertebrae, take a look at the difference between the frugivores, herbivore and omnivore and carnivore, and they’re distinctly different and for obvious reasons. Their jaws moved differed, you know, some have paws, hooves, you got a whole line of and I took all this work to two veterinarians and said prove me wrong. And the female came back and said, you know, can I add pigs to omnivores? I said I forgot the pigs. But looking at the different species, it’s obvious that we’re frugivores we do not handle other foods well. So to that point, I’ve got a site called Dr. Morris TV on that site is a video we did on tissue regeneration. And I have a lot of different stories that are take a look at what I did on just fruit and regenerating a toe regenerating neurological conditions, regenerating a young lad who had his brain smashed a lot of broken body parts. And what we did just with the fruit diet and using some botanical side so the power of the fruit is is very important to understand a man doesn’t understand that he’s lost in sugars and proteins and just crap like that doesn’t understand anything. Medical is not about health anyone. And they’re stumbling on their own ignorance when they tried to tell anybody wanting. They have no clue about health, vibration energy, not just nutrition. There’s no bottom line is magnetic energy, stuff like that consciousness. And that’s the food you’re eating and chemistry are consuming. So there’s a lot of unawareness around fruit, fructose, glucose, simple sugars of life, there’s just a lot of confusion and everybody’s loading up on protein. Well, goodbye kidneys and goodbye bowels. So they get it’s just a lot of misunderstanding and you move to a place where you can have irata right there. You got fruit all over the place. I went on strictly oranges. I found a grove of navel oranges that were obviously a little help from the outer worlds. These were unbelievable. They were as big as grapefruits. To eat one you would go almost into ecstasy. It was that incredible. And I lived on it for almost a year exclusively.

George Papp 9:41
Basically on oranges?

Robert M 9:42
Nothing else, Oh man, I couldn’t. But the problem with that is that the energy if you’re an out of body travel or the energy can be so intense and you just can’t, you don’t sleep and you can’t stay in the physical body. So I had to actually come out Brown. I had to come out and eat vegetables and stuff like that. And my body hurt a long time to get used to it, but it finally got used to it. It helped me to stay grounded here.

George Papp 10:09
Some some arguments want to get your opinion on on this because even some guys in the alternative health space they eat a variety of food, including being carnivore, let’s say, and they they promote organic. But what are your thoughts on the fact that you know? Because they basically have stated, there’s been an argument out there that, you know, people can’t last on vegan diets because they’re all or fruitarian, let’s say, because they are they become weak and they get, you know, they actually have protein. What’s your thoughts on that? Because I know, that’s an opinion,

Robert M 10:49
you’re definitely that’s far from true. Some of the things people don’t understand is that when you start going on a raw food diet, you’re eliminating stimulants, you’re eliminating a huge part of acid ash foods, which act as stimulants. So you go from being dehydrated and acidified to being hydrated and alkalis. So you’re moving from a chaotic state, a state of, like I said, dehydration and things where the body’s stiff and tight and full of water and stuff to a hydrated energetic level. And you can get your body to some of these levels where you can’t see the energy is so powerful, that you just you can’t protect yourself. For those that do get fatigued there’s a problem. And that problem is called the sheer adrenal glands. And most people have at least subacute. And I would say at least 70% of humans have chronic adrenal glands. Well, that’s your neurotransmitters for the autonomic. And so when you go on a non stimulating non mucus forming diet, living food, electrical diet, you all these stimulants are then eliminated. And these stimulants are called acids or proteins, and the body starts eliminating things. But then everything goes down, you’re lose that edemic stimulation and everything, and you can get really fatigued has nothing to do with the diet you’re on whatsoever, it has to do with your genetic stance of your adrenal glands, and your pituitary. So there’s a lot people don’t understand where you’re driving your car, down the road to health that you’re going to take that your body’s gonna go through to get at the biggest issue is elimination and what the body has to eliminate. And so you’ve got to go through things, and then that is the genetic stance of the thyroid or the adrenals, whatever tissues you’re talking about, you got to look at the genetic awareness of those tissues, at what level are they function, because cells start to puncture. So in that process of getting well, yeah, people can look down vegetarianism, you know, all those things are kind of jokes in the sense that you’re still eating grains, you’re still eating beans, you’re still eating high proteins, and got to get away from the proteins, we are not a high protein species, and precise wrong word, use amino acids. And when you look at the fruit, the structure of our fruit is fairly simple, has full of amino acids for the HomoSapiens structure. When you get into your vegetables, vegetables are not for humans. Take a look at the herbivores. You’ve got elephants, you’ve got horses, we raised horses, we are farmers, of course, we had horses all over the place. Cows, elephants, all these animals, they have huge muscles. So they need more amino acids. Well vegetables do have more amino acids. But getting someone that doesn’t need more amino acids. Now you bring in the factor of acidification. And that’s where you run into problems. When you compact amino acids. Now you’re into your punking structures, and your body has to tear those apart before they can even use it. So there’s a lot to understand when you’re looking at health. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and lies that are probably industry, the marketplace. You know,

George Papp 14:13
I’ve noticed over the last 10 years, probably longer actually, like they’re really they do promote a lot of protein out in the stores and you know, they’ll have chocolate with protein and stuff. Yeah, and it kind of makes

Robert M 14:28
your mother’s milk doesn’t even show you that you don’t have any place in nature showing you that not even in human mother’s mouth, not even in an herbivore mother’s mouth. So they’re way off point.

George Papp 14:43
Yes. Interesting. So I guess moving to what sort of detox and fasting protocols can can people do? I know this is something that people do quite often now is sort of detox and do this for a short period of time. I mean, what are you what do you think? and cough sort of water fasts and I know you promote grape juice fasts as well. What are you, what’s your sort of protocols to that you swear by and what you promote?

Robert M 15:10
Alright, so depends on a couple of things. First of all, it depends upon the individual, obviously, and where they’re at in their health issues. I’m facing a female with five babies, that’s got tumors all through her, she’s going on a great diet like yesterday, because it is the most electrical, the most hydrating. And it has an imbalance of astringents. And that’s key factor. Generally people with years ago would go on like the Stanley burls, lemon juice diet, the master cleanser diet, so to speak, pretty acidic, pretty strong, especially with someone highly depleted. So the grape is the most electrical, in my opinion with that without the high acids like the lemons and some of the grapefruits and stuff. Even though those acids all develop into an awkward time, it’s still you know, hard on, hard on the mouth and stuff. Outside of that water fasting, if I’ve got a tumor, here’s the gig, you have to understand a system that no one understands on this planet except us. And I hate to say that’s not I don’t mean to be narcissistic. This is the great lymphatic system. You don’t understand that system. You think there’s diseases, you think there’s microbial problems, you live in the world of all a pathway, which doesn’t know anything about anything. So they made up this idea of diseases, and of course, that Rockefeller germinating that theory. And then the germ theory, of course, which is ridiculous, that shows you more of what you don’t understand about nature and bacterium and fungus and stuff like this, and what their journey is. Tell ya, you have to understand a lot more about what nature is and what it does, it might surprise medical is just lost in the mind somewhere in academics that they’ve gotten lost. They’ve lost their basic foundation of the two sides of chemistry. And you got to understand the nature of chemistry or you don’t understand squat and then you have to understand how does your body deal with each side of chemistry and understanding that leaves you in the blood and lends blood is the kitchen lymphatic is your sewer system. Immune System. A lot of people think your blood is your immune system. No, no, no, no, no your sewer system, your lymphatic system is your main immune system. And that you have to understand and that’s tied to the kidneys, your kidneys and your skin are your eliminating organs or cellular waste from 100 trillion cells. You know, the one thing that medical doctors can ask answer you is how the body eliminates the catalytic acids or waste. How do you get rid of cellular waste? You don’t dump them in the blood don’t go that way. That’s that’s that can’t do that. You’re dead in a minute. So how does the body do that? And they keep looking at this system the lymphatic system and they just keep going over it. Even the top scientists when I was attending this, some international lymphatic symposium just stupid. Just stupid, stupid, stupid stuff. I understand your kidneys are major players your right kidney drains your right side of your body, your left kidney the left side and you could have one kidney not filtering like the other one. You have tumors on one side, the other side real good. All kinds of problems like that. So filtration pee in a jar look at your urine if there if it’s clear, you’re in trouble. Nobody uses the bathroom and expects to see clear water coming out of the sewer pipes.

George Papp 18:48
Well, because my in my opinion, it was like, you know, if you pee clear, you’ve done a good amount of water and you’re already clear. So go into that a bit more? I guess so. So yeah, I guess go into that a bit more now. How that changes things.

Robert M 19:09
Ask me about my journey. So you’re living in a Volkswagen van. You don’t have any room. So when you got to pee, I had a little jar of course or there was a little sink thing this Volkswagen van and so I’d set the jar up on the sink and you know not think much about it get up in the morning and I’d see the sediment on the bottom of my urine. I go oh, man, I got some stuff out. I didn’t think you know, medically that urine should be clear, because that’s wrong. But I didn’t even think about it because I didn’t know anything about that. And each day I look at it and I test about how deep Am I getting cleaning out of my body to what how much sediment I would see in there. Well, later on I got my doctorate so by biochemistry and all that I’m starting to look at bloodwork, urine analysis and I’m looking at all this and I keep seeing all these your analysis Clear. Clear, and I’m going clear to you and shouldn’t be clear. As time went on, it just dawned on me just where the problem is advanced lack of understanding of how the body eliminates this. And of course, that leads you into the skin integrity system, that gigantic system and into the thyroid for that in the adrenals for the kidneys. So now you’re into the windows that deal with the organs. And now you’re into a system of elimination. As you have a system of consumption and electrification and where you get your ATP, ADP ANP, all those beautiful things. You also have a system to get rid of waste. So when you look at cells interstitially around the cell, you have about 80% lymph fluid about 20% blood.

George Papp 20:42
Wow, it’s it’s definitely something for you guys to do and research on. And then definitely check out Dr. Robert Moses stuff to look into that a bit more deeper. So yeah, definitely do your own research obviously, but it’s interesting. It’s definitely interesting to hear that. That’s new for me as well. So definitely do some research on that

Robert M 21:01
Vital because I’m facing someone with tumors. And I’ve got kidneys not filtering, those tumors are not going anywhere but growing. Because the body keeps metabolizing, and they can’t get rid of its waste. So it pockets. Once you get the kidney filter, boop, there goes the tumor. Gone.

George Papp 21:19
Wow. Very interesting. Very interesting. We touched upon germ theory versus terrain, as well, we didn’t mention terrain. But for those out there who maybe don’t understand or haven’t heard of this, this these theories before just touch upon, I guess the difference. And you know, obviously germ theory is what is in the mainstream accepted. So yeah, just to go into the alternative. And yeah, I guess compare the two and what your thoughts are.

Robert M 21:52
People are afraid of bacterium and all types. There’s no question. There’s worms, fruits, all kinds of things that people get in and we get out at home, you know, and people some people have tapeworms in them and pinworms and hookworms and crap like that. So you know, we do, we do things like that. But nature has to keep itself clean, you have several laws of nature that are important to understand. One of them is that the strong survive the weaker consumed. And this is true cellularly. Okay, so when you look in the body, when the cell is weakened or damage, it’s through the lymph system that damage that blood can damage the cell unless it stops going to work. The only thing that can damage the cell is cids. On the acid side of chemistry, you look in the physiology of the body, and that comes that is dumped into the lymphatic system. So when the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, the blowback is called inflammation. When it’s intracellular, that’s when you start to see the mutation of the cell. Well, then you have macro, you have an immune cells, taking it out of tissue to the lymph nodes, where then you have the macrophages. But then you have one other thing in your lymph nodes that’s vital. And that’s called bacteria. bacterium break down these three pH, cellular acids. When you feel pain, you’re feeling a Coca Cola, three pH, whether it’s in your joint or liver, or wherever it is, all these acids that you’re feeling when you feel pain, or arthritis or whatever, that’s three pH. And so the bacteria in your lymph nodes, all these wastes are supposed to go to the lymph nodes, bacteria break them up or down, however, you want to look at it to six or so that way you’re not on your knees peeing. Those that have taken a lot of antibiotics, of course, have systemic acidosis big time. So then you’re in the RAS that lupus is the light, they start blaming everything else, chips and everything else on systemic acidosis. When in fact, they’ve contributed big time taking antibiotics, that’s not the way to do that. You know, and if you have a tear in your skin and your lymphatic systems back up, you’re out food, because your bacterium is there to break down waste. We live in a created universe. And this universe is a LEGO Universe that Legos are called atoms. So we need atoms for anything. If someone gets pregnant lady gets pregnant out there and wants to have a baby. Where do you get the atoms to make your baby from doesn’t come out of thin air? How do you get the liver or the pancreas to grow? Where do you get the atoms for all of this? We live in a created universe all the atoms are here that’s ever been here. So what’s up with that? So then that’s why you see birth, life and death. That’s where you see things that have to come and go. And that’s because we need those atoms for new things that are coming. But it’s also why you see the destruction of important things that we need. But it gets you got to learn the balance of that man does has no clue on how this world works. Because religions have stifled his awareness his/hers.

George Papp 25:03
Yeah. So touching on, on those issues that people have, what protocols? And what, what have you sort of seen and what cures? Have you? You know, what people have you helped and in what certain issues? And how has how have you even done that? And what results have you seen?

Robert M 25:24
I’ll back it up backwards for you. There’s nothing we haven’t cured. I mean, there’s anybody that can’t cure themselves even of genetic weaknesses, we do genetic remembering your body does that. And it’s understanding that when you’re consuming food, you’re consuming living consciousness. And there’s a lot more than just nutrition that the body is getting out of this food. Man doesn’t get that yet, because he hasn’t developed his awareness to understand that plants have a mind and have emotions, anything that exists physically has to come down through these realms. And they take on these bodies just like humans do. And so when you even if you have an entity at your doorstep, that doesn’t have a physical body to it, or appearance of that, you have the same body, that entity dies, you just don’t know it. And so you can’t have fear when some of these things come about. So I forget where I was. Your microbes now here’s another problem, I want to say real quick on the microbe thing, fungus. So many people are full of fungus. And that’s because we ferment. People combine their foods wrong. If you eat protein and starch at the same meal. No, that’s wrong, you’re gonna break your digestion, fast digesting foods that say watermelon on top of oatmeal or watermelon even on top of a salad, you’re gonna have fermentation of sugars. The average human is an alcoholic. People don’t realize that, but the average isn’t alcoholic by way of his diet. I got so many cases to show you where people were actually arrested after they ate this way for DUIs. And so the problem is that when you do this, then you invite the fungal community and plus on top of that we like fungal foods. We like fermented foods, we like cheeses, breads, you know, beer, all this thing. So people bitch about having bodies full of fungus, which leaves uric acid by the way. It’s just a never ending cycle. So to get rid of that, you have to also look at the way you eat combination your eating, and your adrenal glands. Are you metabolizing your sugars because if you’re not metabolizing sugars, these guys will be happy to help.

George Papp 27:40
I guess going back to the previous question, what, what, like issues and diseases or you know what issues let’s say with what protocols,

Robert M 27:53
okay, so when you are give it out there you got if you do a fruit in the morning, a salad at lunch and a fruit at night, and you go on an herbal program that addresses your kidneys, your lymphatic system, getting up your endocrine glands cleaning up your GI tract. You could probably cure almost anything except neurological. When it comes to neurological weaknesses like MS, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, you have to be 100% fruit. I don’t think I’ve ever found a cure any of those cases, we have a couple of Parkinson’s cases that they’re on sentiment and just worse than cocaine, difficult for them to break it. But outside of that Lou Gehrig’s, I’ve never failed on a Lou Gehrig’s case. And in fact, there’s a couple of them up on that PV site show you but the issue is electrical. And I’ll give you one case and this was an MS case, she was highly advance, constant that back at ambulance brought her to my clinic. Stiff solid. And so MS. So I put her just on fruit and herbs, of course to get in and out, open it up. And in two and a half months. She’s sitting up she’s wheeling herself. And she’s feeding herself because she had a full time care caregiver. So then I’m saying honey you’re so thin I got to put some muscle on you. And of course I’m thinking of amino acids. I work with Mr. Olympia and I also have a lot of trainers of Mr. Olympia. So we work with body builders, and so on, then I gotta get some greens in you. I gotta get because I’m gonna try to build some muscle fairly quick. So she can, you know, wrong thinking. So when I put her on greens, guess what happened to her. She couldn’t move anymore. She went back to being prone and stiff again. And so I realized the difference of angstroms of the difference of electromagnetic energy anyway of a fruit versus a vegetable is huge. So there’s about 4000 electrical units if you want whatever you want to call it difference between a living vegetable and a living fruit. 4000 I’ll call it angstrom even though it’s not accurate, that is A tremendous amount of that’s almost as much as some humans operate. So it’s a tremendous difference of electromagnetic energy into your two nervous systems. And that is a big deal because it is electrical but it’s also conscious electrical. And so then you start rebuilding the myelin sheath you start working on on the endocrine glands and then people get up and walk. And we do that all the time. And in fact we give you a case of guys parachute didn’t know but hit the water about 8080 85 pretty broken up quad out of that he’s now running and have a great life. So it these type of cases are all over the world like that. But you can regenerate anything for the medical doctor can’t regenerate nothing, because that wrong thinking if you don’t understand what causes something, how do you know how to fix it? This isn’t there and see if it’ll stick on the wall. That’s my pharmaceuticals are deadly or very injuring crap, it’s might stick on the wall temporarily, but it all falls off.

George Papp 31:03
Yeah, that’s the that’s the overriding thing. And we, it seems like there’s just a common knowledge of it seems like the doctors and medical industry just patch over. They don’t actually solve the actual root cause they don’t know where that is or where it comes from. They just

Robert M 31:19
mind. That’s because their minds are trained. Remember, the mind is your computer. It’s trained to look at life through the window of diseases, which is a fallacy. And that’s why you have to be careful who’s controlling your mind. And that’s why I break the thought and get to awareness. And then you can control who controls your mind.

George Papp 31:41
Not many people question Who were they actually what they study? Like now, they just say, okay, they’ve gone through seven years of medical school, they must know, you know, everything right? Yeah. But no one questions, the books and the information they read, you

Robert M 31:55
know, and if, you know, an a&p books are so much wrong information in a&p books, I practice, what I have here is taught right now at major universities, Medical University. And it says there’s no lymphatic system in the brain. Absolutely none. The University West Virginia two of them about four years ago. So there’s so much misinformation. But if you if you did discover the lymphatic system, what is it? What is it therefore, one medical doctor finally said when he read that, about the lymphatic system, he said, you know, finally, we’re trying to understand how the body gets rid of a catalytic waste. And that’s the only intelligent conversation I’ve ever heard come out of any medical doctor related to the lymphatic system. Like we were talking earlier, some of these symposiums of the lymphatic system are ridiculous medically, you know, they Okay, this one lady researcher can now remove a lymph node out of a healthy area into where they removed the lymph node before this highly lymphedeic. They’re working on doing that. And I’m thinking how stupid is this lady, all this money, she’s going to take a lymph node out of other tissue. Now, a lymph node is a septic tank. And if you don’t want a septic tank is that’s where your sewage goes into from your house. And each lymph node feeds a lot of houses. So there’s a lot of cells in your body, for example, under your arm, your lymph node bed, your axillary lymph node bed, feed your breasts, your chest area, and your lungs, get that messed up. And guess what you get tumors in your lungs and tumors in your breasts. So you it’s just understanding this whole, you know, lymphatic system and back that there’s something they just don’t understand. And that we do, and that’s what makes nature pass. But not all naturopaths understand it, either. It’s just something I brought out so many years ago, and all you students have been following me for years and our classes and stuff. You’re, you’re using those techniques and curing people on some amazing. We have housewives that had to quit being housewives and go open up healing centers because they were healing so many people. Don’t over think simplicity. Simplicity is how you get to complexity. Complexity can get you lost. Yeah, and it’s simple, sweetheart.

George Papp 34:22
Yeah. And also going from going back to you mentioned under the armpit, right, and people are spraying them, spraying them up with all sorts of chemicals, right. And I found that out three years ago, too. So I mean, now I don’t use anything I mean, I use natural and I have to see what the ingredients are in them well lemon or whatever, just to have that you know, not use these sorts of these chemicals under there because it’s like you said there is important important cells and important like you said lymph nodes under there. So there’s always a reason for everything.

Robert M 34:58
The thing is if you stink, you got to detoxify yourself, you got too much protein in you, you, you’re eating dead animals, or whatever, but you don’t want to stink. You don’t need underarm deodorant. If you do, you’re too toxic, you got to move your lymph system because the seriousness of this is, is once these lymph nodes get hardened, you’re in trouble and the tissues all in the chest area. And like I said, in the lung area, and you know, fair warning, this lymph system is serious, you know, blood will kill you right off, right lymphatics will kill you slowly and very painfully. So it’s just understanding a sewer system, and how that sewer system uses the kidneys and the skin as they’re eliminating organs. Or you’ll see it ooze out in your skin, and you’ll get psoriasis, eczema, all kinds of stuff. If your skin can eliminate, take a look at what you get from that. I’ll give you an example. If you forget to if you have a little baby just come from the hospital. Yeah. But you know, and everything. You’re just learning how to change diapers and everything you forget to change the diaper in a timely manner. So then you take the diaper off, my God, there’s a watch a red rash, what sided chemistry created that and that’s from urine, okay, so you have to understand acids have to get out of the body or they burn back. Acids burn you. Here’s a good example. Any lady with endometriosis has to be careful because in surgeries, the in the lymph is so acidic that it welds that the uterus to the bowel walls. That’s common. So these acids are very serious, and they’re burning a lot of people up. And that’s just the nature of the beast. So to stop that you have to get on the other side of chemistry. And there’s foods are divided up into two categories, either alkaline forming, which is hydrating electrical, that’s your fruits, berries, melons and your vegetables. Everybody else pretty much I mean, you could argue quinoa, millet. Every everything else, every grain been dead animal, pasteurized dairy products are on the acid side of chemistry. They steal your electrolytes, they steal your energy, they don’t give you energy. So when your diet is predominantly meat, potatoes and breads or whatever, I don’t know how people have energy, because none of that has any energy to give you back and getting it to ATP is much more difficult.

George Papp 37:31
So what with all that being said, we’ve got guys here on who are listening I’m sure that I guess live, let’s say in quote unquote normal diets, let’s say, what first step can they take to maybe move into this type of health?

Robert M 37:50
Well, the firs thing, or the first thing I would do my for ages, I would go to a breakfast, a break fast from the night before and change it to all fruit. So change that first, then your nightly meal. You don’t want to go to bed with dead animal tissue and all that crap in your gut. So your nightly meal should probably be either a salad we recommend a fruit meal. Now your lunch, you can have a salad you could have a salad a piece of fish on it or a piece of chicken if you if you’re a meat eater. If not, you’re gonna have steamed vegetables or some vegetables on the side. You can get your cooked in there if you want it and then still have a nice salad dressings. You know, don’t use anything creamy and milky. You don’t want mucus in your sinuses and your lungs don’t do milk and creams and yogurts and stuff like that they’re all mucus forming extremely. So you can start out that way. If you were to dig in, then go do that for a couple of weeks. Look at what Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz a medical doctor, he took 12 people to the zoo, anatomy monkey called Monkey food, which monkey food is fruits. However, they had vegetables and stuff like that. And so all their stats, their high blood pressures came down, the cholesterol came down and all that in two weeks. Big time obvious. Now, take it a step further and get rid of the vegetables and you’re off onto a major detox. It’s your body doing it. You’re giving it the power you’re giving it the astringent, you’re giving it all the chemistry the flavinoids, everything it needs to then detoxify itself and brother, hang on because your sinuses are going to dump your mucus out of your lungs. You’re going to cough that up. You’re gonna see mucus in your stools coming out of the bowel walls. I mean, you’re gonna see a lot coming out of you, tumors are gonna start going down. Things like that.

George Papp 39:47
Interesting because people would be, let’s say scared to start this type of diet because they may think that either especially maybe if you’re doing training and stuff and you’re a fitness guy, you You’re not getting enough calorie or you’re not getting enough. I know you’re we mentioned protein, but you’ve worked with, you know, people who do fitness and then you know, into that sort of thing and it works for them? It works for them pretty well?

Robert M 40:14
I have an ex-pro ex-Mr. Olympia. And he’s good. He’s writing a book on that on the industry of bodybuilding. And it’s, it’s hair raising to know what all is going on in that industry to be honest with you. The big problem in that industries RA, the arthritis is the loss of connective tissue, blowing rectums, losing muscles, you know, things like that. The problem with that is proteins, again, you cannot pump proteins and keep your kidneys and keep the body away from acidosis you can’t do. So you’ve got to go to amino acid blends, which is your greens. So I have powdered green blends for these guys that have you know, alfalfa, you know, your spinaches and stuff like this. But still a little fruit and a few little things. I use a couple of little things like velvet antler in the top bodybuilders stuff like that, to strengthen, because one of the hardest things if you build muscle with protein, easy to go away. And then of course you’re acidifying your lose your kidneys, then your lymph system comes back up. And then everything you start getting the RAS rheumatoid arthritis. And you just see tons of body builders with the joints out there. Here I’ve got a ton of them that used to come to my clinic. And it just, you can’t do it that way. And I’ve been preaching this for 50 years, you cannot use proteins to build yourself up. Gotta use amino acids. But then again, it’s all depends on your activity level. And what you want you can do, you can make your physical body do anything you want. If you want pure energy, however, you get away from thinking of calories and muscles and things like this, go into just a frugivore rich diet and hang on after the body gets through cleaning itself, the adrenals start rebuilding itself. Hang on, because your energy levels are about to shoot the moon. And we’ve got athletes right now breaking records, they just, it’s just amazing. When you remove the obstructions to the flow of energy. Imagine what that means. And you have three flows of energy in the human body, blood, nerve, and lymph. Get those flows of energy at their optimum. You can’t believe what they do.

George Papp 42:32
Just like Nikola Tesla said we’re energy right.

Robert M 42:37
Absolutely pure energy.

George Papp 42:38
Yeah, exactly. So say thank you very much. Rob. I mean, thank you very much for that, I think is some really great, valuable information for for the listeners out there. Thank you. I mean, where can people find your work? Where can people go visit your stuff and learn more?

Robert M 42:58
Okay, so we’ve got Dr. Morris TV. And of course we’re on all the channels, although YouTube’s kind of, I think I’m a shadow guy on YouTube now. Yeah, I talked about vaccine. I talked about the truth. Yeah, they of course, you know, we’re wearing and then I have a clinic here Dr. Morris, detox center. And so they can go even our main website is Dr. Morris herbal health club. And in that you’ve got the herbs, you got all kinds of things there and have fun with this. You learn about your kidneys, we have free, everything’s free. I’ve been teaching classes for 35 years, and I’ve been helping people for 50 So yeah, have fun,

George Papp 43:38
great experience. Oh, I’ll definitely include everything in the show notes. For sure for everyone to check out. So definitely do that. Yeah, so I guess make sure you guys subscribe and share the podcast on Spotify. Plus, obviously if you wanted to check out the Cryptonomous consulting in regards to saving your wealth during the Great reset from the banks are inevitably collapsing. Check it out forward slash members which will have all the all the details in regards to joining us. We obviously aim to help you grow and preserve that wealth as well. Again, I’ll add the stuff there. Dr. Robert Morse in the show notes and definitely check that out. Great stuff, Dr. Robert and yet peace and love to you all thanks for listening

Highway to Health with Naturopathy and Fruitarianism: Dr Robert Morse

Learn about a few personal details from Dr Morse as well as about his fruitarian diet and how he was able to start the regeneration of body tissue. Morse first dispels the myths of raw fruitarian and vegan diets and sheds light on the confusion of high protein diets which cause acidity in the body. We learn about juice fasting and the nuances of different juices that can be used as well as his belief that clear pee is not healthy. We delve into the fallacy of germ theory and the ignorance of medical practice when it comes to body function and the importance of the lymphatic system which is still the most misunderstood system in the body today. Morse shows us that foods can be broken down into alkali and acidic food types – alkali foods are electrical and hydrating while acidic foods steal your energy and acidify your body. Finally, Morse gives us some practical first steps for trying a fruitarian diet and bodybuilding with the right type of building block, amino acids from fruits and vegetables.

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Interview with Clive de Carle: Reclaiming Your Personal Health

George Papp 0:08
Hi, welcome to the conscious renegade podcast with me George Papp, helping you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Today we are joined by Clive De Carle an independent health consultant, and also founder of The Secret health club. We’ll be discussing alternative health to free people from the pharmaceutical industrial complex and live a healthier, happier life. Also, just to let you know, guys, the Cryptonomous membership is now live. So feel free to check that out. We have monthly newsletters, live trade calls and investment tips that we’re looking at, to hedge against the great reset and definitely a hedge against inflation currently, so definitely check that out. So Clive, thanks for coming on. How’s it all going?

Clive De Carle 1:11
Thanks, George. Yeah, fantastic. Thank you very much.

George Papp 1:14
Thanks. And yeah, thanks for joining me, we actually haven’t had a health guy on yet. So you’ll be the first so it’s going to be interesting to discuss. There’s obviously a lot going on around health as well in the current sort of mainstream. So it will be great to get your insights, I guess first, the first sort of thing to look into is your own story, because I know you have such an interesting story. I was looking at your website, I know your work. And I sort of have an idea of your story. I guess to the listeners who haven’t heard your story. Yeah, just give them an insight of where your background is and how you’ve come to where you are today.

Clive De Carle 1:53
Okay, well, I’ll just start where I don’t normally start. When I was 10. In 1964, my dad introduced me to John Lennon. And this was life changing because a I was a big fan that be I thought the world was going to change for the better. I thought by 1967 that global peaceful revolution would happen and war would end and the world would be lovely. So I got quite shocked when that didn’t happen. And then when I was 11, I went fishing and it was in very clear water. And we had a bucket with a glass bottom so I could see the fish. And I was in little dingy and the person I was with had had a hook with a live maggot. Then dead maggot on I had one I didn’t want to put the maggot on the hook but he didn’t care. I dreaded catching a fish because I didn’t want to rip a nasty hook out of fish’s mouth. I really didn’t want to do that guy’s worth he didn’t care. He caught 20 fish. I caught none and want to catch one he wanted to got about 20 fish, because we could see what was going on. We see the hook with the maggot on it through the glass bottoms. Bucket. Every time we swap with swap fishing lines. And each time we swap the fish that are going crazy for his hook. So slowed right down. Then they saw that now he was holding one and zoom they went over and started in a frenzy wanting to be caught by him and all afternoon I couldn’t catch fish. He did. I caught sunstroke. He had fish for dinner. So then I went in, I was very entrepreneurial. I did a lot of different business stuff. And then I started a contact lens company. And we ended up selling it for an awful lot of money. And I retired and started an organic farm and but in the meat when I was about 31 I made a big mistake. I had some spots on my face because I was eating badly. And I stupidly went to a doctor who gave me an antibiotic and one antibiotic. A few months later I was in hospital, antibiotic poisoning. I’d become type one diabetic, or become arthritic. I got rheumatoid arthritis so badly, I couldn’t walk anymore. I couldn’t get dressed. I fingers wouldn’t work anymore. And I was in hospital for weeks and weeks and just getting worse and worse. And it was all terrible. And the doctor said, Well, there’s nothing we can do. But I was reading books while I was in hospital and I realized that the antibiotics have damaged my gut bacteria and I got wheeled out of the wheelchair and so they’re fixing myself with vitamins and minerals and a bit of a diet change. And all the arthritis went away and I’ve been fine 37 years since then, at least arthritis wise. And so when I sold the contact lens company, I thought oh what am I going to do with my life? And yes, I had no small organic farm but I wanted to do more. So I started studying health because not only that I got better, but I’ve seen somebody else 30 or 35 years ago, recover from cancer, which the doctor said was going to kill them, they started taking 35 grams of vitamin C every day, and didn’t die of cancer when they did die 20 years later, it was from something else. So by the way, if I talk about cancer, and spelling with a K, for legal reasons. And what I’m saying is not medical advice, because I’m not a doctor. I’m just a bloke that knows some stuff. And anything that I say, just check it out for yourself, you know,

they started censoring me in 2014, when I was working with UK column. And at that point, I had to take all my videos off YouTube. And I started a club called, where all the band videos are on with a lot of other people’s banned videos. And I used to see clients, but I don’t really do that much anymore. Because I’m busy doing other things. So all the information that I used to impart to people basically is in an A to Zed form on the secret health club. There’s much cheaper joining that than it is employing me for an hour. So in a tiny nutshell, that’s some of the things that I’ve been up to. And then, about 20 years ago or something, somebody said to me that you’re really good at talking, you should give talks. And that frightened me silly that the prospect of that because I was always the one at school, who was hiding at the back, you know, I never talked at school, never put my hand up, never participated and left on my 16th birthday as soon as I could escape. And then suddenly, I found that I liked studying, you know, who will afford and I liked education and talking to people and explaining things and helping them. And then about 20 years ago, I was working with a medical doctor, who was super interesting. He taught me masters, absolutely masters. And he was like a renegade doctor in some ways. And he told me that Nikola Tesla had invented healing devices in the 1890s. And he said, You should buy one. And my business partner, one of my business partners, just two days later said, Did you know that Tesla has invented a hearing device, you should buy one, and I tracked one down secondhand and bought one. And right away, the doctor and I were getting results. It was unbelievable. People coming out of pain and 20 years of pain or whatever coming out stuff like that. And so these days, my hotkey, so to speak is tracking down these old machines and restoring them and your practitioners sometimes buy them from the people occasionally buy them. And I’ve got a video online, where I get 34 people out of pain in a row with a piece of kit that was built 100 years ago.

George Papp 7:59
Wow. stuff. Yeah. I mean, I wasn’t aware that you could actually get your hands on these. I obviously was aware of them, obviously aware of the Tesla situation, but I was unaware that you could actually still find them.

Clive De Carle 8:15
I’ve got about six people around the world. You know, over the years, I’ve got to know everybody who’s interested in this tiny little fringe area. I mean, you look on there on the website, you just there’s nothing, it’s been scrubbed, the information has really been scrubbed from the internet. So I started buying the old books that doctors had, you know, I’ve got one of my best books is from 1915. And it’s an instruction manual how to use Tesla devices. Doctors, because you can do surgery with them, not just not just get people over pain. I’ll show you an electrode. This is an electrode, maybe you can see that. Yeah, we can see. And this one is primarily used for restoring nerve damage. And then there’s another electrode this is for treating open wounds.

George Papp 9:08
Guys listening on Spotify, unfortunately, won’t be able to see they won’t be able to get here but a video you can see on Odyssey

Clive De Carle 9:14
here that this is for repairing cellulite damage. And, you know, people don’t realize that back in 1890 At the turn of the last century electrotherapy was normal in guy’s Hospital in London, when did they open their electrotherapy department? Well, it was 1843. And they’d already been using electric therapy prior to 1843. But so occasionally people will find these old bits of equipment in their attic. And they obviously most people think that today in the 21st century old pieces of medical equipment from you know, 100 years ago. Well we’ve surpassed that, you know, we’ve gone beyond that old rubbish and they throw them away, not realizing that they’ve just thrown away a genuine Tesla device. And so yeah, over the years, I’ve been tracking them down and restoring them. And myself and some others doors between us, we’ve got stocks or parts, and we know how to do it, you show one of these devices to the average electrician, and they’ve never seen tuned resonating Tesla coils before. They don’t know, they just don’t, you know, by the 1930s, valve technology had come out and Tesla coils were sort of redundant, you know, people, so people they weren’t taught anymore, after the second world war than they totally stopped teaching electrotherapy there’s, you know, the Rockefeller medicine crew went round to every teaching academy in the world, you would say teaching electrotherapy or teaching herbalism or a cures with mineral waters, or, you know, cures with acupuncture or homeopathy or in England, there are like 20 homeopathic hospitals at one point, you don’t get to be a hospital without being good. And you don’t get 20 of them. Unless homeopathy, it was really working. You know, there were about, I can’t remember how many there were over a dozen hydrotherapy where they just use water as their primary method of healing people in Bath, there’s still a huge hospital, I’m sure it’s been taken over as a fancy hotel or something now called the Royal Mineral Water hospital where they treated you with the bath waters, you took the waters just like going to a spa. So, so much knowledge has been lost that just 100 years ago, your great great grandparents would have been quite familiar with stuff that’s now totally foreign to us.

George Papp 11:52
Yeah. And I mean, these these devices have these Tesla tools. Are they potentially acquirable? By by people? Or are they are they still very limited in the amount that that are out there to?

Clive De Carle 12:07
Well, there are not many good ones out there. I mean, my American restorer who’s had a business for years restored finding and restoring these devices he’s he’s given up because he can’t find enough good devices that are worth his time to restore. Luckily, in Europe, they’re more common now than they are in America. Because in America, there was a real Crackdown is they put people in jail and stuff. But if somebody wants one, they’re really serious. If they want to write to me at info at Clive I will send them details. You know, there are a few people who practitioners who use these but generally they do it on the quiet and they don’t usually have a website that step by word of mouth. But they are incredible me for chronic pain. That’s where it works best. If somebody is in chronic pain, you can usually get people out of pain in five minutes, usually, like not occasionally. But usually does I got a video where I get 34 people out of pain in a row in less than five minutes.

George Papp 13:16
Interesting. It’s good to know that they’re available. And you know, I’m sure they they have a lot of value in a monetary sense, but I’m sure they actually do work. It’d be great to hear more about that. Yeah, so definitely. I mean, the show on the show notes will have contact details for Clive. So if anyone wants,

I’ll send you a link to the video because it’s not a public video. It’s, you know, it’s not it’s not listed? Yeah, I’ll send I’ll send you so your listeners can find it.

Sure. We’ll include that as well. Cool. So let’s move on to I guess what is natural health? I mean, there are going to be some listeners here who maybe not sort of familiar with natural health, they might just not have looked into it enough. So what in your your sort of eyes is natural health? And what does that includes, I guess, protocols that you use suggests?

Clive De Carle 14:08
All right, well, let’s start off by looking at what healing is. So doctors who know anything about healing they know about drugs, surgery and radiation. But doctors don’t study health. It’s not on the curriculum five years, and they never get a healthy person and ask you how do you stay healthy? Why haven’t you got cancer or whatever. They don’t know about health. They don’t study cures, right. And what we want if we’ve lost our health is to get our health back. But doctors don’t do that. They will say, Oh, your body’s gone wrong. It’s bad luck. It’s bad genetics. It’s, you know, because you’re a fat lazy pig or whatever it is. They’re going to they’re going to blame you. But actually, nobody’s body ever goes wrong. What happens is that and perhaps we’re toxic ly poisoned, perhaps it’s an emotional toxin, we’ve had some terribly traumatic event, and it’s poisoned us, you know, at school people used to say, you’ll amount to nothing, you’re useless, or your accident prone or he’s always ill, or whatever it might be. And if we believe that type of hypnotic suggestion, we might not be well, but again, the doctors get it wrong. They see something like a tumor as a cancer, for example. They say, look, the cancer is the problem, the tumor is the problem. And so it’s like going to the car mechanic, and you say, look, I’ve got an engine problem. And so rather than the mechanic looking at what was causing the engine problem, they spot a big tumor, like a big red flashing tumor, you and I might call it the warning light on a car dashboard. But they say we’ve cut the tumor out, you’re cured. Nothing to do with what what caused the tumor, anything to do what was in the tumor? What’s the purpose of the tumor? Was it a good or a bad thing was the tumor the healing or the problem? So let’s simplify it. If you cut your finger, you know what to do. You leave it alone, you keep it clean, sterile oil. And what will happen with it will get hot and a bit red, you’ll get inflammation and inflammation is painful. So as your finger recovers, it’ll knock the temperature up three degrees to it. Because Because we heal with a high temperature, don’t we, you know, somebody is toxic. Let’s say they’ve got a lot of mucus and phlegm in them, well, the body will raise the temperature to detox, all that stuff, it all comes out. And then your temperature goes down, you’re back to normal. So inflammation is healing. But doctors say inflammation is the problem. Take an anti inflammatory. Well hang on a minute, you know that inflammation with your finger is part of the healing process. So what are inflammatory diseases? Well, arthritis, cancer, heart problems, loads of things are inflammatory. And inflammation is painful. But that is the healing process, but the dog just wants to turn it off. I’ll give them an aspirin, you know, get that temperature down them and they don’t understand what healing really is. So that’s one level of it. So with me, when the doctors couldn’t showed me that the these are all gonna be drugs for the pain? Well, I’m not lowering drugs. That’s not my problem. Deficiency of chemicals. That isn’t the issue. But I realized that I was low on minerals. I was low on vitamins. I was probably low on probiotics, your natural bacteria. I might have been low on amino acids, which you get from protein rich foods. But one way or another. I was as weak as a kitten getting worse. And the doctor said there was no hope. Now, that checked myself out, I started changing my diet, taking some supplements. All the arthritis went away 37 years ago, never come back and I looked like I was 18 years old. I couldn’t get drugs. And so what did I do? Well, the first thing I did was to take magnesium, magnesium and vitamin C as perhaps primaries. So what I’d like to do if I may is run through common deficiencies of vitamin C. And then your audience can decide whether maybe they’ve got a website with magnesium, run through the deficiency symptoms that you get if you’re low on magnesium and see if people have got any. So if you’re low on magnesium, you might be getting hiccups, spasms and hiccups as like a spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm spasms, cramps.

They are magnesium deficiencies and you’re seeing this with some of the people like sports people, they exert them. They have massive exercise and they dropped down dead and a heart attack. So what happened there? Well, somebody drops down died of a heart attack after vigorous exercise as they’ve done a marathon what would have happened well, they would have sweated and sweated and sweated until all the magnesium had sweated out and their heart stops because it cramps up and they die. You know people in the desert who we think there’s a dead person because they died of dehydration. No, they didn’t. They were still hydrated. What that what happens is that they sweat it out all the magnesium. So the heart had gone into a cramp and they had a heart attack and died. So any heart problems heart arrhythmia. Heart attacks, met probably a magnesium deficiency strokes. Arthritis answers, a joint issues twitches around the eyes, constipation, restless leg anxiety, panic attacks, lack of energy, poor sleep, we’re just scratching the surface of magnesium deficiencies. Now most people have got at least one of those for myself. If I don’t supplement with magnesium, I get muscle muscle cramps, I wake up in the morning and stretch and I’ll get a cramp. And but if I take magnesium, no cramps, and this is the same for pretty much everybody. Anybody who’s got one of those symptoms, twitches, constipation. Magnesium relaxes the body. So if you’ve got constipation, that means that your bowels aren’t relaxed enough to let go, you take enough magnesium, your bowels are going to let go whether you want them to or not. So you don’t want to take too much. But people who do take magnesium, many of them are taking a type that doesn’t work. If you go into a High Street store and buy the cheap stuff I was gonna ask this is just it’s not going to give you any magnesium that’s going to get you out of pain, you need the right type rather than the wrong type. And the quantity you might need might be totally different to what you ever would have imagined now. The RDA the recommended daily allowance, which is the amount that was worked out in the Second World War, to stop people dying of magnesium deficiency, right? It’s not enough to keep you healthy. But it’s just enough to stop you dying. That is the RDA. Now, the RDA for women is 380 milligrams, and the RDA for men is 400 milligrams. So that’s enough to stop you dying. But is that enough? Well, probably, possibly not. So now, people might have a say they’ve got some magnesium at home, they might look at it. And they might say 500 milligrams on the label. So they go would be one capsule is going to be fine, isn’t it? Because the 380 or 400 milligrams in a day, then you’ve got the whole thing in one capsule that No you haven’t. This is where they trick you. It says 500 milligrams. But that’s not elemental. Magnesium is not pure magnesium. That’s the magnesium salts like magnesium glucan aid or magnesium glycinate or citrate or whatever it might be. And there’s probably only maybe 100 milligrams of actual magnesium in there. So you actually need four capsules that say, not one. And they’ll say on the reverse. If you look at the supplement facts, it’ll say elemental magnesium. Now you know how much you’re really getting. So a lot of people think they’re getting the dose, they’re only getting a quarter of what they want. But that’s the minimum to stop you dying. So should you be taking for a day? Well, if you do you want to take them in divided doses, because some people might end up with diarrhea, if they take too many at once. I can take six at once no problem. And I recommend that most people if they recognize themselves as being low, having one of the symptoms that we just discussed, they might want might want and divided doses just at the beginning, assuming their kidneys are healthy to take 12 a day. 12 capsules of magnesium a day you know most people go, you’ve got to be kidding. That’s ridiculous, but it’s not. It’s not. I’ve had people who’ve been suicidal, write the depression so bad. And 24 capsules later, in less than two days no longer suicidal. Again, this doesn’t work for everybody. I’ve had some people

haven’t slept well for 10 years, suddenly sleeping well. I’ve had people who the pains stopped them. I had somebody this week who had trigger finger. They they couldn’t straighten their finger. It took the magnesium one hour later point the finger straight and I’ve had people cancel surgery for trigger finger because the magnesium was the problem. You see people bending as they get older than their backs bending over a summer certainly a magnesium deficiency. They can’t relax, they can’t relax their joints and their muscles and their tendons and ligaments and so on. So they’re beginning to twist up. Magnesium is number one in the in the mineral world. Vitamin C is number one in the vitamin world and vitamin D is number one in the hormone world. Vitamin D which we get from sunshine was mislabeled as a visible, it’s actually not it’s a hormone. So if you take vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin C in the right quantities, I would say that you’ll begin Being on the path to being bulletproof. If people that say on the NHS, they gave you the supplements, the right type the right amount, and you maybe included ID as an extra one, you could empty the hospitals a year 80% of the people who are in currently in hospitals wouldn’t be there. If you had those four things going, I would suggest

George Papp 25:23
I actually supplement those. Those three, personally,

Clive De Carle 25:27
You notice a difference when you started doing that?

George Papp 25:30
I actually did. I have to admit, I actually did. I managed to research like you said the right types. And yeah, I actually did see a difference. Certainly energy levels and mood level, for sure. Those things 100%. And I wanted to know,

Clive De Carle 25:48
how huge is that? How many people are feeling tired? All the time? Yes. It’s almost these days. Everybody’s feeling I would say some Ireland depressed. Yeah, no, it’s true. Yeah, no, I

George Papp 25:58
agree. I agree.

Clive De Carle 25:59
The interesting thing is that when we’re stressed, we burn up magnesium, right. So everybody’s stressed from 5g to, you know, listening to the news, if you’re foolish enough to do that, or whatever it is, everybody’s stressed way more than they should be. And how the body reacts to stress is burning your magnesium levels. So people get to this point where they burned their magnesium levels up completely. And now they’re getting the symptoms that we’ve just gone through.

George Papp 26:26
Yes. So it’s it’s certainly interesting. I mean, can we get these doses in natural food products? Or is it due to the fact that they’ve kind of ruined the food that we eat? That exactly that basically doesn’t allow us to have that those minerals in taken basically is that is that,

you know, I had an organic farm for 10 years plus, and my land had never been no have chemicals on it. So everything was just great. It was super easy to farm not I watch my neighbors doing it conventionally having a harder time. It was ridiculous. I was getting double the price, firstly, for my produce. And I was really well, at that point. 37 years ago, I had to take supplements to be well, but one of those living that lifestyle. I never supplemented with anything apart from a bit of Celtic sea salt. That was that was it. I didn’t need to because eating so well. Most people are unfortunately buying food that’s been poisoned. Isn’t that most people? I believe that when you go into the supermarket, there should be a say six categories, as opposed to in just a helicopter noise. It could be six categories. There could be a category, which just says what the product is, you know, bread, milk. Then there could be the other five categories, which which say slightly poisoned, fairly poisoned, moderately poisoned. Seriously poisoned and deadly. Yep. You forget the organic, biodynamic Viet that is that’s what it is. All the rest is food like poison. You know, if somebody gave you a one year old and said, look, the baby is really hungry. Would you feed it? Would you poison it? Well, course not. You wouldn’t poison a fictitious baby, that people are going out buying food for their kids. That’s got preservatives and pesticides and fungicides and herbicides, insecticides and larvicides. I talked to this farmer in the market once he was selling apples and stuff. And I said, Yeah, at that point, I was a farmer. I said, Joe, you know, how have you treated your apples this year in you as a farmer, and he told me it sprayed 28 different chemicals on his apples and then sealed them with wax so that the rain wouldn’t wash the chemicals off? Yeah.

And that hence the gloss that you see on those examinate supermarket apples

traits are endless, but also he was spraying stuff in the soil. So he killed all the insects and all the life and the beetles and everything. And then if you use Roundup, you know the glyphosate herbicide. How that works is it stops plants taking up minerals. That’s why all the weeds die. But even the Roundup Ready plants are I don’t know the numbers, but let’s say half empty of minerals. And every year, the soil gets worse when I was young. There was a wheat harvest or corn harvest or rye or oats or whatever it was, they do the harvest and burn the stubble to the ground. Now minerals are not damaged by heat. So every year they they grow it and they probably put natural fertilizers natural manures or whatever on the soil. And they’d always be putting it back that grow it up, burn it down, grow it up, burn it down and then leave it fallow and then that cycle but now they don’t do that anymore. So when they were doing that when I was young If I went out for a drive at this time of year, there’d be dead insects plastering my windscreen of the car, I’d have to get out and, and scraped and insects off my headlights at night, because I couldn’t see, because of all the insects. Now, I challenge anybody to tell me if they’ve got more than one dead insect on their windscreen, whereas I used to have 1000s in an hour. So it’s been an Armageddon of insects. So the birds aren’t there. The bats aren’t there like they used to be the young people don’t know, because they don’t know what’s not there anymore. But I’ve seen 99% extinction as anybody my age has of insects, it’s right in front of your face on the car windscreen. They’re missing. This is because they’ve all been poisoned by chemical farming. And so we were not meant to be ill women to self repair.

Yes. Yeah, I fully agree with that. I guess then, looking at those issues. What do you suggest in terms of a diet protocol? Or where would you source your food? If you’re in the sort of situations where you know, it’s quite difficult really to actually find food that is not poisonous, in a sense? Is it all about decentralizing and just growing your own, but obviously, again, you’ll have to find the right seeds and make sure the soil is of an adequate and poisonous level. So I mean, what sort of things do you suggest to to solve this for the individual at least?

Clive De Carle 31:29
Well, bearing in mind that many farmers in the UK and around the world will be growing say 30% Less next year, which means starvation for many people, because they can’t afford the fertilizers, the 300 400% rise in fertilizer costs. So and because they’re, they’re dependent on the chemical fertilizers, they can’t instantly go organic. I mean, personally, if you had a garden, I would be growing stuff. He’s got a lawn, you can just lay potatoes right on the lawn, cover it up with some cardboard with holes for the potato grow through an open up some straw bales, but a couple of straw bales on top. Even if the ground is rock hard, too hard to dig. You come back in a couple of months after you’ve watered the straw in the potatoes. And there’ll be potatoes in the ground right on the surface of the lawn and the roots will have gone down and like dug the soil for you. There there’s all sorts of no dig gardening techniques that are worth looking at. There are planting techniques where you plant things together. You plant onions next to carrots and the onions scare away the carrot flies and the whatever likes the onions doesn’t like the carrots, you know there’s companion gardening, there are all sorts of techniques that can make growing food sort of easy, but it really you the trick is to go to your neighbors and say what’s growing well because in some cases, there’s blights around so you just can’t grow this crop very well but other crops just a massive you know, I keep lots of beans like mung beans and lettuce I wanted bean sprouts and I want to plan in advance I can just put like two peas worth five peas worth of mung beans into soak then each day are, you know, let put them in a glass Kilner jar. With the top open. I just rinsed the beans every day so they stay a little bit damp. And within a few days, you’ve got bean sprouts. I’ve spent tea pea on mung beans, and I’ve now got two quids worth of mung beans because they they filled up the whole gillnet jar, you can sprout anything, you don’t need a garden you don’t need light. seeds don’t care whether you’re in the light or the dark. So let’s say I feel like hummus or falafel or some I’ve got some chickpeas and they store really well super cheap to buy. And I can soak them. They say I soak 10 grams of chickpeas. They’ll double double in weight by the end of the day and then I’ll just keep them down just wash them every day. And let’s say four or five days later, that 10 grams is probably gone to 50 grounds as they’ve grown and they’ve gone from dormant, which seeds are potential life to actually flourishing so the amount of vitamins and chickpea has gone up and immensely because it’s grown and you come alive.

George Papp 34:40
Are you are you a vegan client, you know, okay, what do you what do you suggest as a diet protocol because I know it’s widely dis sort of debated I guess, across the board, whether it’s sort of meat eating or vegetarian And or obviously veganism. What do you promote? Or what do you currently do yourself?

Okay, well, let’s run through the diets that are possible. There’s the Clinton diet. That’s where you’re a humanitarian. And that’s what your diet is, then there’s no vegetarian Fisher, Terry, whatever, that was a joke. But then the I stopped music, eating meat for 25 years. Literally, I went off it in mid chicken sandwich. And for 25 years, I did not want to eat meat. Then I changed my mind, I was round, and my dad says they got roast goose for Christmas dinner, and I decided that I’d go back to eating meat again. So I eat meat currently, but I’m very fussy. You know, I’m very lucky, I’ve got a organic shop that actually sells real food. And so I’m stupid. I won’t buy poisoned food, I just don’t want to do it. Because I guess clients, I see, I see the results of people eating badly. So I try to eat really well. And as I say, if you’re on a budget, then you can grow your own sprout your own. And it can be very, very inexpensive to eat. You can sprout lentils even sprout almost anything. But actually, I like cooked food. If somebody was in desperate need of a detox, let’s say they’re a type two diabetic. I’ve put people on a raw vegan diet, very low on carbohydrates, very low on sweet fruits, not an easy diet. And I’ve had loads of people who were type two diabetic now completely cured, no more type two diabetes, because they gave their whole system a rest. They stopped putting in the inflammatory foods, they gave their pancreas time to recover. Because most diabetics are constantly putting in processed foods or sugary stuff for fruit juices, you know, you want to be a type two diabetic these drinks and fruit juice, they’ll probably not your pancreas for six. And so most of us are capable of repair if we know how to do it. And we are what we eat in a more, more logically we are what we eat, think drink and do. That’s what we really are. So you go to a doctor, he says you’re going to die of cancer and you believe it. And that’s what you think, well, he well might. If you go in search of health, and somebody says, Well, if you look after yourself, you could live another 10 Healthy extra years, you probably might.

And I someone actually personally who reversed diabetes with a low carb to know that well, low carb, let’s say Meat, meat, meat diet, basically. So that got me thinking about the sort of meat versus vegan, you can go low carb with vegan, it’s just a lot more difficult. But it kind of got me thinking to, you know, how does it work then if he’s if he’s managed to reverse diabetes with a, with a sort of low carb sort of carnivorous diet? You know, there should be that should be looked into as a potential, you know, a good thing and something to look into as an option. But I believe that there’s always that debate between the sort of vegans and the meat eaters. Well,

Clive De Carle 38:22
every vegan I know, and I’ve known loads of vegans for decades, all long term vegans gave up they had to, they had no choice. They got ill, they got weak. We are omnivores, we our opportunity was if we got the opportunity, we’re likely to eat it. Ask one year old. And everybody’s different. And there are different times of need, as I say, I’ll happily put somebody on a raw vegan diet, if that’s what they need. I had a client a few years ago, who’d had IBS, ulcerative colitis type thing. For 10 years. He couldn’t leave the house one hour otherwise, you know, he might have an accident in the street. And he tried every diet that was it gone raw vegan, he tried everything. What fixed him finally, was going raw carnivore, he had steak tartare for a couple of weeks. And from the first meal of raw raw beef, he didn’t have IBS anymore, just stopped. He also did an one IV drip of glutathione. So it turned out that one of his problems was he had a severe reaction to certain certain petroleum products. And he lived on a main road and that might have had something to do with it. But essentially, he was raw carnivore for about under two to maybe three weeks at the most fixed him. That was what he needed might be the opposite for somebody else. So we are very intuitive if we’re willing to know know our bodies well enough and the more you trust your psychic abilities, the more you trust your intuitive abilities. The more they can develop. And so it’s it’s important to study that’s why I started the Secret Health Club because you can look up diabetes or thyroid or whatever the problem is. And there are some pretty good answers on each page as to what to do if you’ve got to get pregnant. You know, there all sorts of advice for that. And I interviewed Dr. Andrew Wakefield, you know, the guy in the doctor in 1995, who was the first one to mildly suggest that autism and vaccines might be linked. Now he’s been proved it goes completely vindication, right? They vilified him in his latest film, he’s now a filmmaker. It’s called infertility, a diabolical agenda. And now it’s only like 63% of the people who should be fertile, aren’t. It’s pretty shocking.

George Papp 40:53
It’s interesting. It’s definitely interesting and relevant right now. I guess the last sort of thing we can dive into is just really summarizing, really, the sort of key takeaways you would give my listeners sort of implement these strategies into their lives. And also where where can people find you in regards to your information and get in touch?

Clive De Carle 41:18
Right? Well, when I, you know, for some reason, the authorities have not liked some of the advice I’ve given because I suppose it stops the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. So the government wrote to me about three years ago saying that I cannot tell you the name of my website. It’s just incredible. So I can’t tell you but I could tell you that as most websites do, they end in And my name is Clive de Carle. He’s read might add a pinch 20 on your intelligence level, be able to put the two together and work it out.

George Papp 41:59
Sure. Yeah. We’ll include that in the show notes. If you can’t work it out,

Clive De Carle 42:04
They banned me from using the words vitamin C, and Coronavirus, publicly. I’m the only person and as far as I know, that’s got it in writing. I could have fought it. But it’s so funny. I’m not allowed to use the words Coronavirus or vitamin C

George Papp 42:22
do shows you something it tells you something right? Obviously,

I was putting up all sorts of videos on those subjects. And they took them all down within 15 minutes they were YouTube wouldn’t take them down. Now I’m I’m totally vanished from YouTube, they’ve taken me down completely. And finding me on Google is quite difficult as well. You just find hit pieces.

So what what key takeaways can the audience take away

Clive De Carle 42:51
couple of magnesium, we’ve covered vitamin C, we’ve sort of covered just everybody’s low on these things. Another big one, we haven’t covered is iodine. Right. I like a form of iodine called Lugol’s iodine 20 pounds in money last few years worth. So it’s not expensive, which is why the doctors aren’t taught anymore. Doctors used to be taught iodine and it was like, if you went to the GP and they didn’t know what was wrong with you 150 years ago, chances are they would have just given you an iodine as a starting place. So what foods are it in? Well, the most I’ve seen is in seafood, particularly seaweed. Now what countries in the world have the most seaweed in their diet? Well, let’s take Japan. Now, Japan do not have a word or didn’t used to have a word in the Japanese language for the menopause. There was no word for it. It basically didn’t happen in Japan. hot flashes super rare, because they have so much iodine in the seaweed and the sea fish that things like breast cancer, things like thyroid issues didn’t happen, or hardly ever, you know. Whereas we in most parts of the world unless we live right by the sea, we’re not getting enough iodine. And if you’re not getting enough it and things like goiter can happen where the thyroid swells up hoping to grab more it in through the air. Things like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism happens. It’s like providing people with problems like hormonal issues, probably lacking in iodine and how many people are lacking in iodine? almost everybody is because if you’re sitting on a new sofa with fire retardants that’s giving off bromine, which is knocking out iodine and if you’re drinking fluoridated or chlorinated water or bathing in it, that’s going to knock out the ideen which makes your thyroid work properly. Iodine make sure temperature control work properly. People say, Oh, you’ve got cold hands, you’ve got hot hands. You’ve got hot flushes. That’s an iodine deficiency that you’re basically looking at. If somebody’s got dry skin, if they walk into a room and can’t remember why they walked in that type of memory thing, very likely to be an iodine deficiency 20 pounds a year to fix. It’s crazy. Anybody who’s had anybody put it this way anybody wants to have a child. If the mother is low on it, the baby will be born with a low IQ, if the mother is clinically low on it, and so much so that a doctor would recognize it. The risk is the baby will be born with mental retardation, right? Serious mental retardation from iodine deficiency, you want intelligent baby, you want not to have many menopausal symptoms. You want to be taking iodine and selenium. They go together Iodine and selenium. Super important. Anybody who’s an addict, they need to know about Selenium. Selenium is just a massively important supplement. Other ones just racing through them. And I started taking vitamin D in winter. And I used to get colds every year, several never got a cold for 15 years, just from we don’t get enough sunshine in winter. So take vitamin D just in winter. I take vitamin K as well, if I’m not eating grass fed animal products. And of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that cows don’t eat grass, cows eat pastures, with Meadows full of wild flowers and herbs and mushrooms. But most cows are fed grass, which isn’t necessarily what they would naturally choose in the wild. Everything’s been messed up food wise, it’s a pretty crazy situation. So I recommend if you can’t grow your own, team up with a local farmer, cut out the middleman, try and find somebody who’s growing without chemical agriculture. Maybe you can buy straight you know, I get chickens from a lady. I get sorry, eggs, from a lady down the road and her chickens are foraging in the wild. It’s all lovely. And I know that I’m getting really healthy, fantastic eggs, and they’re half the price of the shop.

George Papp 47:33
Yeah, yeah, definitely stopped buying from supermarkets, its funding the issue as well. So you know, definitely Carl that those guys shop locally to the places that are independent, and you know, our, I guess aligned with with morals and growing these types of foods. And yeah, it’s, it is that simple. You’ve got to implement the strategies that I know there’s so many you can include, but we can do it slowly. But yeah, like just to sort of wrap it up, I guess vitamin C, D, magnesium, vitamin K, iodine, and selenium. Do your do your own research. Of course. You can also find all this stuff on on clients website. And yeah, we’ll we’ll definitely include that in the show notes. We have to wrap it up there, Clive. Thanks for joining me today amazing insights. And I hope to have you on in the future as well. You know, we can we can discuss a lot more, I’m sure. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on Spotify. Plus, if you want to prepare your wealth for the great reset by having guidance from experts and and remove your inflation attached savings and income from the banks, check out this episode shownotes for a link to Click on the members page. Like we’ve said we’ve got a membership now. It’s a new service, which obviously can help you guys just build your wealth or at least preserve it during these times. I know it’s quite a difficult place to maneuver right now. But we seem to have at least the tools and solutions to do so to help you sort of build away from the current system. That’s the plan. So I’ll also put the links to Clive stuff, all of that secret health club, the websites. So definitely check that out. There’s so much useful information there. And it can really help you out I’m sure. And if you’re obviously interested in the Tesla stuff. I’ll probably also like to sort of look further into that. So that sounds really interesting. But yeah, thanks. Thanks, Clive. And yet peace and love to you all, and thanks for listening. Thanks, George. Thanks, everybody.

Clive De Carle 49:40

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The Conscious Renegade is an independent media organization striving to educate, engage, and empower you to be the change you want to see in the world. Whether you want to quit your nine-to-five, find financial freedom, or make a positive difference in society. 

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