Episode 8 – Clive de Carle: Reclaiming Your Personal Health

George Papp from The Conscious Renegade joins Clive de Carle from the Secret Health Club for the most ground-breaking and censored discussion on reclaiming your personal health with practices and knowledge developed more than a hundred years ago hidden by the elites. In this episode, we learn about Clive’s history, how he started the Secret Health Club, and his hobby of finding old Tesla electrotherapy devices that can heal most ailments and remove chronic pain. Clive also explains the shift in the medical industry from natural, holistic and homoeopathic healing methodologies to the Rockefeller-sponsored pharmaceutical health practice. We also touch on his experience with diet and the prevalence of magnesium deficiency in our modern society. Make sure you catch the end where Clive goes into his top mineral and vitamin supplements that he recommends for a healthy life

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Privacy and Investing Strategies to exit the Great Reset

Clive De Carle
Email: info@clivedecarle.com

Find the hidden secrets of healing at the Secret Health Club

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