Episode 5 – Mike Cobb: Ready Made Autonomous Properties in Latin America

George Papp from The Conscious Renegade joins Mike Cobb, founder of ECI Development pioneering the way for real estate and community development in Latin America. Mike left a successful 12 year career in the computer industry to pursue opportunities in the Real Estate market, accurately predicting a growing need for high quality residential housing for North American Baby Boomers. He discusses the plethora of living options in Central America such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Belize with a climate and lifestyle for anyone. We also talk about ECI’s new acquisition at El Zonte also known as Bitcoin Beach with many amenities such as an exotic fruit orchard, farming land, vegetable gardens and living lots of all sizes equipped with solar technology. Dive into the podcast to hear more about your options for moving to Central America whether you’re paying with crypto or fiat.

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Michael Cobb

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